Buddhism A La Mode

Its been a long time since the last post, really long! I only really started this blog as a school project but as I found over 107,000 people had viewed my blog, I decided that maybe it could turn into something bigger!

A recently posted video has caused the Buddhism Body of Thailand to start an international investigation in rooting out Buddhist monks who do not live up to the true spirit of Buddhism. The video shows a couple of Buddhist monks, flying in a private jet. Not only did the monks fly in a private jet but they had fancy aviators on and frankly, they don’t look like what Id imagine a monk to look and behave like.

Buddhism a la mode

However, on the other hand, with modern technology it might be easier for the monks to get from place to place, to spread their ideas and be able to give lectures and stir the souls of the masses in many more places. Also, maybe these guys just want to have some fun, though, their religion and supposed simple lifestyle is supposed to be amusing enough for them, hence, their decision to become and stay a Buddhist monk!

I’ll let you guys decide! Watch the video here:

And let me know what you think!