Shaolin Monks

I always thought that Shaolin monks had their own special religion, like shaolinism or something but recently I just found out that they practice Buddhism too. What a great way to start my blog!

30 January 2011:

This video is pretty interesting. There is one thing I don’t get, it says the 5 basic commandments of Buddhism are killing, robbery, sex, wine and lies. Does this mean that the monks are forbidden to do these things or what?

I’m guessing that they’re forbidden to do these things since Buddhists are pretty peaceful people but then that means that nearly everyone is breaking one of the commandments as sex is the only way the newer generations will arise. This is confusing me :/


31 January 2011:

This is an amazing article that shows the origins of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin Kung Fu is credited to an Indian monk called Tat Moh. Tat Moh was a prince in the south of India but he wanted to be devoted to Buddhism and live a simple life of a monk. For this reason he went to China and taught Buddhism to the very eager Chinese people. In fact, it was very common for Indian Buddhists to go to China with their teachings. So Tat Moh created a temple called ‘Shaolin’ for his disciples but he was very disappointed as the Chinese buddhists were too weak to stand the harsh living standards of a monk. After recognizing this he retreated into a cave for meditating and finding a resolution. After 9 years, he finally came out with a set of exercises and self defense techniques that were closely related to Indian yoga for the other monks. Eventually the monks took this and advanced it further, creating new forms of Shaolin. This eventually lead to the “White Crane” form of Shaolin, which is the most respected type of Shaolin Kung Fu.

I found another video, this time with the monk in action. Keep in mind that the monk is the one in the yellow uniform.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mbfitzmahan
    Jan 30, 2011 @ 13:01:34

    Beautiful blog, Ash! I very much look forward to learning about Buddhism.


  2. click
    Jun 05, 2012 @ 20:20:21

    Im having a little issue. I cant get my reader to pickup your feed, Im using yahoo reader by the way.


  3. kingkiwi789
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 18:06:34

    The Shaolin / Buddhist commandments belong to them, not the rest of the world. They obviously don’t reproduce, but both groups of enlightenment-seekers (Well, we all seek it really, but that is a different topic) can leave whenever they would like to do whatever they like. It isn’t a requirement to be there, or to remain on track, but they can leave and begin families and even come back whenever they would like. Just thought I’d help. ^^


  4. AshSucks
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 17:08:00



  5. joffrey chimukanda
    Apr 09, 2014 @ 13:05:23

    Bruce master of kung fu all style jeet kuno do


  6. Antique Buddhas
    Aug 28, 2015 @ 09:57:42

    The first paragraph was quite funny.
    The main reason for Indian monks to go to China is there was strong influence of Brahmanism in India after the end of Ashoka empire.


  7. Cameron Boyce
    Dec 09, 2016 @ 18:28:27

    Hello I love Buddism


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